ASF Exam Simulator

About this exam simulator


What is the ASF exam?

ASF (Agile Scrum Foundation) is a certification program from EXIN that is about Agile product delivery, awareness of major methods and especially the Scrum framework, as well as common practices and techniques used in Agile projects.

Format of the exam

The exam doesn’t have any prerequisites. You can prepare for the exam using eLearning courses (such as ours), classroom courses, or self-study. Then you can buy a voucher for the online exam from one of the Accredited Training Organizations (such as us) and take the exam.

There are 40 multiple-choice questions in the exam, and you have one hour to answer them. The passing score is 65%.

How to prepare for the exam?

To succeed in the exam, you need to be familiar with the following topics:

  • The general Agility concept and the way it’s different from predictive, plan-driven methods
  • The Scrum framework, and a little about XP, Crystal, and DSDM® (other first-generation Agile methods)
  • The common Agile practices and techniques, such as pair-programming and test-driven development

Our eLearning course for Agile Scrum Foundation is fully aligned with the exam and is designed and delivered by the co-author of the official ASF manual.

How are the sample questions?

This is a very large pool of questions aligned with the ASF exam. At the end of each sample exam, you will receive full explanations for each question, which can really help you refine your knowledge and fill in the gaps.

There’s an equivalent of about 400 questions in this package, with about 120,000 variations. As a result, you rarely see the exact same question twice, and you can fully prepare for the exam.

Is this the right package for me?

This package is designed for the ASF exam, and we don’t recommend getting it to prepare for other Scrum/Agile exams.

It’s also not a substitute for learning the topics: you need to study well before starting to use this package.

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