Sales Agreement

Article 1: Interpretation of terms

  1. The Provider offers project management courses and exams through an online learning platform. The following terms and conditions apply to the business relationship between the Provider and any Customer in the version which is applicable at the time the contract is sealed.
  2. Consumers as meant by these terms and conditions are natural persons who enter contracts for purposes that can neither be ascribed to their employment nor entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur as meant by these terms and conditions is a natural or legal person or association with legal personhood who enters a contract in a commercial or entrepreneurial function. Customers as meant by these terms and conditions can be both consumers and entrepreneurs.
  3. Any individual agreements regarding a contract shall trump these terms and conditions. Any diverging, contradictory or complementary terms and conditions by another party shall not become part of the contract unless this is explicitly agreed.

Article 2: Nature of service

  1. The customer can use the courses he purchased at the page course on the online learning platform.
  2. The customer receives the right of use only, being non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited and referring only the use of the content provided on the online learning platform within the contractual limits for the duration advertised on the product page. Any further use, particularly the conversion of the accessible content, its permanent saving, transferral to other persons or the trading or uploading of such the training material in online platforms is not allowed unless otherwise mentioned.
  3. The nature of the service promised by contract is not that the learner will achieve a specific success by using the provided training material or applying the learning techniques explained therein unless otherwise mentioned.

Article 3: Entering into a binding contract

  1. By providing a course on this webshop, the Provider makes a binding offer for delivering access to the courses selected by consumer against payment of the specified price indicated in the webshop. A contract is then constituted by the customer’s instructing his or her payment towards the Provider.
  2. An exception from this rule does only apply where the Provider has the legal right to take his offer back. Insofar as such a legal right exists and the Provider thus takes back his offer, no contract is constituted.

Article 4: Prices and remuneration

  1. The prices given at the product page at the time the contract is entered are applicable. All prices include VAT.
  2. As long as nothing else is expressly agreed, no other costs of transaction are incurred by the use of a training material.
  3. The stated prices do not include the cost which the provider of the internet connection may demand.
  4. Customers may pay the remuneration necessary for the training material on the webshop via Braintree and PayPal service. The terms and conditions of and apply. Only when Braintree or PayPal confirms that payment has been made does the Provider enable access to the training material.
  5. The customer can only claim a right to summation insofar as his or her claim against the Provider has either been judicially confirmed or is accepted by the Provider. This does not apply to the claims resulting out of the contract with the Provider itself. The customer can only claim a right to retention insofar as his claim against the Provider results out of the same contract.

Article 5: Refunds

  1. eLearning courses: learners can request and receive a full refund for up to one month when their progress in the course is less than 30%. By using the first 30% of the course, the learner acknowledges that his right to recall, as written in article 55 of the Consumer Protection Act, is satisfied. After this point no refund will be available.
  2. Exam simulators: learners can request and receive a full refund for up to one month when they have not taken more than one simulated exam.
  3. Official exam vouchers: learners can request and receive a full refund for up to one year, if arrangements are not done and the exam is not booked with the examination institute.

Article 6: Rights of use for the customer and copyright

  1. The customer acquires the non-transferrable right to use the training material pursuant to article 2 of these terms and conditions exclusively for personal use and for non-public display.
  2. Access to the courses and exam simulators is for one year since the purchase, unless otherwise mentioned. The exam vouchers are valid for 6 or 12 months.
  3. This right of use does not include the right to save or copy these training material onto end devices or data storage media.
  4. The customer may not provide access to the training material to third persons, forward, imitate, let, sell, or use commercially in other ways.
  5. Protective laws particularly in respect of intellectual property apply to all didactical videos provided at this website.

Article 7: Limits of liability

  1. While Provider does his best to provide customers with reliable and correct training material, he cannot guarantee it and accepts no responsibility for any damages arising from the use of this information.
  2. Provider will make every effort, within reason, to keep the website performing without interruptions, while occasional scheduled or unscheduled maintenance downtimes are unavoidable. Provider accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss caused by these interruptions.
  3. Provider is not responsible and makes no warranties with respect to computer viruses. Customer should take all necessary measures before using or downloading information from this site.
  4. Provider is not responsible for the content of other sites that can be accessed through this website. All links on this site are provided for convenience of the customer and the Company does not recommend or endorse the content of other sites.
  5. Provider, pursuant to article 2 of these terms and conditions, does not guarantee a certain success of the learner after the training material has been used. The didactical methods and contents displayed therein cannot always lead to the same quality of results. Rather, these effects rely also on the individual’s application of these methods.

Article 8: Severability

  1. If one or more of these terms and conditions shall be held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the validity, legality, and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected or impaired thereby.

Article 9: Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms shall be governed by Belgian Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Belgian Courts.