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General Information

What is the PSM I Exam?

PSM I (Professional Scrum Master level 1) is a certification program from, one of the main organizations involved in Scrum, founded by the co-founder of Scrum.

The PSM exam is about the core Scrum framework, without optional practices, techniques, and tools that may be used in Agile projects.

Format of the exam:

  • The exam is online, and you can take it from anywhere in the world.
  • The exam voucher is $150, and you need to buy it directly from
  • The passing score is 85% (relatively high compared to other exams)
  • You have 60 minutes to finish the exam
  • Most questions are normal multiple-choice questions with one right answer. Some questions are multiple-answer ones, with more than one right answer. There are also a few true/false questions.
  • The exam is only available in English.

You get your result and certificate immediately after finishing the exam, and no renewal is required. This makes the PSM I exam very affordable compared to other exams which may have a higher cost of taking the exam and may also require maintenance.

Types of questions in the PSM I exam

Most questions in the exam are focused on the definition of Scrum according to and the Scrum Guide. The questions are not subjective and scenario-based.

Questions are straightforward, but sensitive to the words and details that some candidates miss. For example, there are sometimes negative questions such as “which of the following is the least appropriate way of describing…”, which requires the candidate to pick the wrong statement. However, some candidates miss the word “least” and pick the best statement.

About these sample questions

These sample questions are made for the same scope of knowledge as the PSM I exam. They also have a similar style and format, and even the difficulties in wording or structure of the questions in the exam have been embedded into the sample questions to create a better opportunity for preparing. For example, the phrase “Scrum Master” sometimes refers to the role of Scrum Master and sometimes to the person who’s playing the role. The meaning of the phrase in cases like this has to be decided based on the context, and more importantly, based on the available choices. You will see this type of vagueness in the sample questions too because you have to be prepared for the exam.

After you finish a sample exam, you will receive complete feedback, with useful and relatively long explanations for each question. While the package is not designed to “teach” Scrum, but to help you refine your knowledge and prepare for the exam, we’ve still added as much explanation as needed, to make sure you will be fully prepared.

This package uses the Infinite Exam Simulator engine, which uses a relational question generator instead of traditional systems that use individual questions. The result is that there’s a very large number of possible questions (or variations of questions) in the exam, and you will rarely see the exact same question twice, no matter how many times you take the simulated exams. This is helpful because you will have to rely on your knowledge and analyze the questions instead of using your memory.

There are more than 7,300 variations for the questions in this exam simulator, which can be covered in a traditional exam engine with about 285 questions.

How to prepare for the exam?

You can take eLearning courses, classroom courses, or self-study for the exam.

We recommend you study well before starting to use this exam simulator (e.g., using our eLearning), instead of using the exam simulator to learn Scrum. There’s a lot of explanation in the exam simulator, and it may be tempting to take a shortcut and use it as the only resource, but we don’t recommend doing so.

Is this the right package for me?

This package is a perfect match for candidates preparing for the PSM I exam from If you’re aiming for other Scrum exams such as ASF and PMI-ACP, we recommend using packages that are designed for those exams instead of this.

We are not affiliated with and this course is not endorsed by them.


This package contains 455 root questions, which dynamically change and create 617,000 variations using the Infinite Exam Simulator™. Therefore, when you take the exam multiple times, you will always see slightly different questions, and will be forced to pay attention to the details, which is very useful for your real exam.

How to buy

You can buy the exam simulator using credit card or PayPal. The purchase options will be available after you sign up and login.


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